Adding a 'PayPal Buy Now button' to your website or Blog.

         If you want to setup your own e-commerce store  then PayPal is one of the easiest ways to add payment facilities to your website. It's quick and simple to sign up for a PayPal acoount, whether you're using it for personal or business purposes.WYSIWYG Web Builder makes it even easier to integrate PayPal payment option into your website.You can add 'Buy Now' one-click buttons, setup a donation link or even connect to PayPal's own shopping cart system.Using these services is free- all you pay for are the transactions. In this tutorial we'll give you an introduction how to add a 'Buy Now' button to a static website.

Note: There is also a tutorial about how to integrate the PayPal shopping cart into your website.

The PayPal Buy Now button, is the ideal option if you want to sell individual items from your website.
When the buyers click the Buy Now button they're taken directly to the PayPal transaction page and are prompted to pay for the selected goods by credit card via PayPal, or from their PayPal account funds.

Step 1
First you will have to sign up for a PayPal account.
Select either the Premier account if you want to sell under your own name or Business Account if you'd rather sell using a business name.
Sign Up for a PayPal Account now:
Step 2
Once you have setup your PayPal account you can start building your online webshop.
Before you add the Buy Now button to your page you probably want to insert a description of the item you want to sell, the object's price and an image of the object.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
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