Awesome Things Technology by 2020

Awesome Things Technology Will Give Us by 2020

Science fiction movies have always been a good, if inaccurate, predictor of the future. Sometimes they get things dead right, for example “Star Trek” foresaw the iPad and cell phone. Here are some of the technologies we should expect by 2020.

Self  Driving Car
Long seen as a staple of sci-fi movies, the self-driving car is fast becoming a reality. Google is already testing driverless cars in California. This technology should be readily available by 2020.

Space Tourism

Space is rapidly becoming commercialized, with entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk of Spacex, getting in on the act. The Russian space agency is already taking millionaires into space. As more companies get into the business, expect the the price to drop and space travel to be more commonplace.