Mercedes E-Class 2016

Mercedes E-Class 2016

 The current Mercedes E-Class is one of the oldest models in the firm's range, and is starting to get left behind by increasingly competitive rivals. But that won't be the case for long, as an all-new executive saloon is around the corner.

At the start of next year, Mercedes will introduce the seventh generation of its most successful model ever, as it looks to build on the 13 million sales the E-Class has already achieved globally.

E-Class chassis and design

First on Mercedes’ to-do list is to bring the E-Class in line with the smaller C-Class and larger S-Class, with a more homogeneous look. The boxy design and numerous joints, folds and creases as seen on the current car will be long gone, and in their place will be the flagship S-Class’s more fluid and softer panels. The new headlamps will also take on a familiar shape, and come fitted with 84 individual high-performance LEDs rather than the 24 used in the current E-Class.

There’s a fresh platform, too – the same MRA architecture as is used on the S-Class. That means the next E-Class will be longer and wider than it is today, but also around 100kg lighter. We can expect the car to retain its class-leading passenger and luggage space.

2016 Mercedes E-Class: interior design

Merc has pulled the wraps off the E-Class's interior before we see the outside, and it's pretty much as we'd expected. It's a watered-down version of the S-Class cabin, with a large high-def digital readout that's over 24-inches across.